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Arkansas Walden Web

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The goal of this page is to organize Arkansas Walden information so that we can find information and ancestors easily.
SUBMISSIONS NEEDED! This page can only be sucessful if there are people willing to participate.
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  • Arkansas Walden Ancestors
  • Waldens in Arkansas Land Patent Records .
  • Waldens in Arkansas Census and Tax List Records
  • Waldens in the 1870 Arkansas Census (incomplete)
    Confederate Waldens in the Civil War
  • Arkansas Waldens in the 1911 interviews of Confederate Veterans
  • Waldens in Carrol County
    Desendents of Joseph B. and Elender (Nellie) BAKER WALLING
    (now expanded and indexed)

  • Waldens in Greene County (not yet indexed)
  • Waldens in Howard County
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  • World Wide Walden Web
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