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Confederate Waldens in the 1911 interviews:
George Thomas Walden

 WALDEN, George Thomas of Cecil,Ark.was born June 26, 
1843 in Buckingham Co.Va. the son of William Martin 
Walden of Va. He lived all his life until 1845 in Va. 
and since then in Tenn.  He was the son of Anderson 
Walden of Va. Maiden name of subject's mother was 
Athenia Dowdy, dau. of Benjamin Dowdy of Va. "Five of 
the Walden brothers came from Wales and settled around 
Jamestown, Va. Do not know from which of these I am 
descended. My greatgrandmother Rolf was a descendent 
of John Rolfe and Pocahontas.  Subject was educated in 
Tenn., was a farmer and merchant, Justice of Peace, 
Franklin Co., Ark., a Democrat and Missionary Baptist. 
Served with Co.C, 38th Tenn. Inf. Volunteers,enlisted 
at Moscow, Tenn. Capt. B.H.Holland, paroled at Lagrance, 
Tenn. June 1865. Married Mary Rogers, dau. of James 
and Jane Rogers of Big Sandy, Tenn. on Mar. 8, 1865, 
at Moscow,Tenn. "My wife's grandfather William Morris, 
was a soldier under Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New 
Orleans, and claimed to have seen Gen. Packesham? fall." 
1. Thomas Martin Walden m. Luvice Churchill, Charlotte, Ark.
2. Martha Jane Walden, single, at home
3. Benjamin Richard Walden m. Lou Bumpers, Branch, Ar
4. Charles Marion m. Kate Barton, Branch, Ar
5. Joseph Edward Walden m. Dora Bumpas, Cecil, Ark.
6. Robert Eugene Walden m. Bertie Herron, Park, Ark.
7. Alva L. Walden m. Delia Andrews
     four deceased

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 Glaznor. If this posting is in violation of your copyright,
 please let me know and I will remove it, or give you 
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Notes on G.T. Walden:
Some members of this Family are Buried in Cecil Cemetery in
Franklin Co., AR.
G.T. Walden  26 June 1843 - 24 Feb 1925
Mary Walden (Rogers) Walden 6 Mar 1844 - 7 Apr 1919
Mattie Walden (Probably Martha Jane) 27 Jan 1868 - 20 Apr 1953
Charley Walden(Probably Charles Marion) 1875 - 1953
Kate (Barton) Walden 1881 - 1969
Bristow (Son of Benjamin and Lou) 24 Aug 1899 - 21 Dec 1901
Virgil E. Walden 22 Nov 1891 - 22 Jun 1893
Vedia Walden 13 Jun 1902 - 23 Sep 1923
Bettie M.P. ? Walden 18 Mar 1873 - 18 Mar 1891


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