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Other states: Oklahoma

I am seeking information on my grandfather 
George Andrew Walden.  George was born 07/14/1857
in Texas, He married Minnie Ross 11/6/1885. Minnie 
is a granddaughter of Andrew Ross the brother to the 
Cherokee Chief John Ross. George died 11/14/1897
in Mayes County, Pryor, OK.  Children are:

James Andrew  born 11/8/1886 in TX; died 01/23/1940 
in Picher, OK

Nora Minnie  born 05/31/1888 in TX; died 12/12/1967 
in Welch, OK

Susie Bell born 02/25/1890, died 10/28/1897 in OK.

Robert Thomas (my father) born 08/25/1891 in Collins 
County TX; died 08/22/1977 in Pryor, OK.

Euna Margaret born 11/13/1894 in TX, died 07/04/1904 
in OK.

I have some old unidentified photographs of George's 
family that were taken in Waco, TX, and some tintypes.  
I have a copy of George & Minnie's marriage license 
that was issued in Falls County, Marlin TX.

I know this is not much but it is all I have on 
George Walden.  Would appreciate an advice/information.

Myrl Walden

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