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Kentucky Walden Web

These pages dedicated to the surname Walden and all variations.
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Other states: Tennessee

Descendants of William E. Walden
1  	William E. WALDEN  b: 1830 in Kentucky	
	+Lucy (?) b: 1829 in Tennessee	
 	2  John WALDEN		b: 1850	
 	2  Frances WALDEN		b: 1851	
 	2  James Frank WALDEN, Sr. b: 1853-1855	
           d: in Jackson Co., TN
 	+Susannah M. ELLIS  m: September 24, 1876 
         in Greene Co., TN	b: September 11, 1855	
         d: Bef 1903 in Tennessee
		3  Mattie S. WALDEN	b: 1886 in TN	
                   d: 1965 in Hawkins Co. TN 
 		+Joseph K. BRADLEY  b: 1855 in Tennessee  
                   d: 1939 in Hawkins Co.
			(Mattie had no children) 
 		3  William Charles WALDEN b: August 05, 1890 
                   d: October 18, 1959
 		+Eva P. MATHER	m: February 15, 1917	
                   b: June 26, 1897 d: March 12,1962
        *2nd Wife of James Frank Walden, Sr.:			
 	+Alice R. BROOKS  m: January 30, 1903 in Greene Co., TN	
	 b: June 10, 1867 in Johnson Co., TN 
         d: July 21, 1957 in Greene County,TN 

 		3  John Ed SMITH**   b: November 16, 1905 
                   in Hawkins County, TN 
                   d: January 16, 1982 in Greene County,TN 
 		+Lucy Loretta "Rettie" GASS  m: June 10, 1922 
                 in Greene Co., TN  b: July 22, 1907 in Greene County, TN	
		 d: February 25, 1981 in Greene County,TN 

 	2  Andrew WALDEN   b: 1854	
 	2  Mary WALDEN	b: 1857	
 	2  Brandsford WALDEN	b: 1860	

** Alice Brooks was 1st married to John W. Smith and
 had most of her children by him.  She married 
James F. Walden after Smith's death.  She left & 
later divorced J.F. Walden while she was pregnant 
with John E. Smith.  She gave John the first & last 
name of her 1st husband, the same last name of her 
other children.

Harold & Sherry Smith 

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