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Queries and Information Concerning John Walden of Virginia

Posted by Eldred Melton

Query 1

 Greetings Walden researchers: If any of you are researching Joanna Walden, b
 ca 1750, probably Caroline Co., VA, d/o John Walden and Sarah Hastings, I
 would like to hear from you. One of eleven children, she married John Gayle.
 It is my understanding that the Walden home was known locally as the "Towers"
 and that it was destroyed by fire some years ago. I do have limited
 information which I will gladly exchange with other researchers.
Eldred Melton at

Query 2

 Greetings: I am presently researching the family of one John Walden of
 Caroline Co., VA. My research indicates that John Walden, who came to Scott
 Co and who married Elizabeth Pitts, may be a member of that particular family.
 If anyone is researching John and Elizabeth, I would very much like to exchange
 preliminary information to determine the possible connection. My research
 material at present researches back to the late 1600s. If you desire, just e-
 mail me privately. Thank you. 

 Eldred Melton at

Query 3

 Hello: The use of the same given names by Walden family poses a formidable
 problem. Can anyone help me out on the following family: Ambrose Walden, son
 of John and Emily Hastings Walden, married Barbara Taylor. Ambrose and
 Barbara had four children John, Richard, William and Judith.
 Can anyone supply the names of the spouses and any of the children? So far,
 the only further data I have is that John Walden was  a Colonel in the War of
 1812 and he organized the Warrenton Blues Co.(Information from John Walden/CA)
 This is an indication in Leaan's material that descendents of Ambrose Walden
 were named Mageath and connected to the Galena Oil Co., of Franklin, PA date
 about 1898. Any information relative to this family would be appreciated.

Eldred Melton at

Query 4 and a Letter

Greetings: Leann has sent me a wonderful package of material which I would
like to start sharing, with her permission already, with all of you. I need you to
possibly identify these people referred to in the material which I am

 The first item is a letter address to Mrs. S.R. McIlheney, Loomis, Nebraska
 from J. H. Brady, 814 North 24th Street, South Omaha, Nebraska and dated
 February 10, 1904. J. H. Brady uses the salutation Dear Cousin Mattie:

 Dear Cousin Mattie:
 I take pleasure in enclosing with this a copy of the Will of John Walden;also
 a copy of a Petition of Ambrose Walden's children for an allotment of bounty-
 land, in consideration of their father's  services during the Rev. War.  The
 paper mentioned in the petition as marked C---"A memorandum in his own hand-
 writing"---was not with the papers from which I made my copies. This will,
 petition, etc., if I am correct in my deductions, is only of relative
 interest in connection with our own direct ancestry.  
 The children of John Walden and his first wife Emily Hastings, were: 
 Ambrose (who seems to have died in 1840)
 Lucy (married 1st Harris; 2nd Bowcock)
 Rachel (  "    ? Munday)
 Nancy (  " John Puller)
 Sally (  " ? Walden)
 Joanna (  "   John Gayle)
 Betsy (  "  ? Walden)
 Polly (  "  Estes)
 The child by his second wife, (Saly Hastings)-- and who was probably a sister
 of his first wife-- was Edmund, born in 1793  or `94.
     Ambrose Walden was first cousin of George Walden, the latter born March
 13, 1758. this George Walden married Elizabeth Penn, born November 1, 1790.
 The children of George and Elizabeth Walden Penn were:
 William Lee
 John P----
 Elizabeth Daves (married William Edwards Gayle)
 Patsy E----         (  " Theophis Green)
 Rachel A.-- P.--   (  " Thorton Munday)
 ---------Gayle married Sarah Penn(sister of Elizabeth Penn), and their
 children were William Edwards Gayle, born in Prince Edward County, VA
 24, 1795. George Gayle, John M. Gayle, Josiah Gayle, Nancy Gayle, Elizabeth
 Walden Gayle(married Paul Williams, married Smith)
      William Edwards Gayle and Elizabeth Walden married and thneir children
 George Walden Gayle born August 16, 1818
 Sarahan Dudley Gayle born Feby 26, 1820
 William Wallace Gayle born March 22, 1829
 Martha Jane Gayle born May 14, 1824
 Robert Carter Porter Gayle born Jany 9, 1834
 I also enclose a copy of will of Sarah(mother of William Edwards Gayle).
 You will note that there was a George Walden---son-in-law of John Walden. He
 seems to have married Sally; and another Walden married Betsy Walden. As the
 names are contractions of Sarah and Elizabeth, it is possible that mother was
 mistaken about her granddaughters, Penn, and that the latter was the family
 name of her great-grandmothers. I am not thro investigating this part of the
 record, and hope I amy be able eventually to settle this point to my own
      Sally, (daughter of Joanna Walden and John Gayle) married Garrett
 Freeman. Marie Freeman(the child of this marriage) married George
 of Virginia.-------------Smith (the child of George W. & Marie Smith) married
 a Mr. -------Jennings. This Mrs.--------(Smith) Jennings, I understand died
 quite recently, and her daughter lives near Henderson, KY. I shall endavor to
 reach her, with a view to gettin some light on the subject, as I believe her
 mother had a great fund of information.

 (Note about the paragraph above. This is my line. George W.Smith and Marie
 Freeman were my gr-great grandparents. The Mrs. Smith Jennings referred to
 was their daughter Adalaide who married first Arthur Smith and second Mr.
 Jennings. She had only two daughters; Grace, who married a Chancellor; and
 Molly. I don't have my record here on Molly so it will be one of these two
 ladies who had the material Adelaide Smith Jennings left at her death)

   You asked about the Carter relationship. Ambrose Walden 's daughter,
 Judith married George Carter; they had a son George Carter, who married
 Virginia, daughter of a Charles Walden and Emily (Crowe) Walden. George and
 Virginia Carter live in Omaha. S. A. Mageath and James Mageath. (brothers)
 married sisters of George Carter. You will note an error in the letter from
 C. Wakefield to S. A. Mageath, regarding the date of John Walden's death. The
 Will is dated some thirty years subsequent to the date on which he states the
 maker died.
     Elizabeth H. Stuart, mentioned in Sarah Gayle's will, (and I believe a
 child of Nancy's --although mother told me that Nancy married a Mr. Taylor)
 married John M. Gayle; grandfather Gayle's brother. They moved to Frankfort,
 KY. Their children were: John, Josiah, and Emily. The later married a Mr.
 Payne, and I believe is still living in Frankfort. I know that several of the
 children of John M. Gayle live there, but the, and his son John, are not very
    Later I may be able to send you some further, and pershnaps corrected
 advice in this matter; and I may ask you to write to Josiah Gayle, son of
 John M., as I think perhaps he might reply to a letter from you, whereas my
 efforts with other members of the family has not proved encouraging.
      I trust that you are fully recovered from you illness, and that you may
 be belssed with many years of happiness and usefulness in the world. I
 inferred from a remard, or rather from the tone in which it was made, that
 you were not over sanguine of the future, but I sincerely hope that it may be as
 bright as you can wish.
     With best wishes, to you and your family, I remain,
                                            J. H. Brady
 P. S. As bearing on the name "Dudley", which appears in the record, I find
 that in 1741 a Robert Dudley of Spotsylvania County, VA married Joyce Gayle.
(End of Letter)

 Question: Are there any Waldens who are acquainted with, descended from, or
 researching the Cousin Mattie McILheney to whom this letter was addressed or
 J. H. Brady  who sent the letter. If you can shed any light at all on the
 letter or any person mentioned therein, please post to the list.
 I can add the following regarding the marriage of Robert Dudley(1726-1835)
 s/o Edward Dudley of Fredericksburg, VA. Robert Dudley married 
 Joyce Gale(Gayle) and had the following chilrdren: Robert, Ambrose 
 Dudley(Captain ), Joyce Dudley Quisenberry, Peter, James , and William.
Posted by Eldred Melton

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